Monday, December 21, 2009

8 mile run through Canyon

Yesterday I needed to do an 8-mile run (8 mile is my long run right now…I am still building my long runs). I usually do my long run around the MV Lake, but to tell you the truth, I am getting bored of the Lake. It’s really the only place I have run around my new neighborhood. But I started out towards the lake, as usual. Then at .83 miles I realized I had forgotten my Road ID, so I headed home to get it. Once I got home I was at 1.84 miles. What to do..Where to go? I was in an adventurous mood, so I head out to the canyon behind our house.

It was absolutely gorgeous. I had no idea this wilderness was behind our house. I went under tree tunnels, crossed creeks, and felt like I was miles out of Orange County. It was cool and crisp down in the canyon and I only ran into 4 people. These are the kinds of runs I love…the ones that feel like an adventure. This run reminded me of why I love running.

And then I hit the hills out of the canyon…wow, those were some tough hills. But it was well worth it. I can’t wait to run in the canyon again, but next time further down the canyon.

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