Monday, January 25, 2010


I love my new Nike Free shoes. They are light and fun to run in. My right knee/ hip has not hurt since I started running in them 2 weeks ago. As I wrote before, I even tried running in my old stability shoes and my knee/hip started hurting again.


now I have a blister. In my 19 years of distance running, I have had one blister. And that blister was from running without socks….which I will never do again.

Nike shoes and I haven’t gotten along in the past. But I really wanted to try these. Unfortunately, I knew after the first run that I would get blisters because the bottom of my feet burned. I am not sure if getting a bigger size will help.

All I want is to RUN. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I am thinking of trying the Newtons, but they are $160!!! I have heard lots of great things about them though. What do i do???? Somebody out there tell me which minimalist shoe is the best. I really don’t want to spend all this money testing shoes.

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