Thursday, January 28, 2010

Really Good Run Today

I had a really good 5 mile run today. I could feel my knee a little when i first started (I wouldn’t say it “hurt”, but i could feel it). But then it went away and I felt like my old self running today. I always think about all my physical goals I want to accomplish when I am running….makes the time just fly by.

I decided I am going to do the Huntington Half Marathon next weekend. Also, the blister on my toe was a false alarm…the Nike Frees are working really well. My feet still feel like they might blister, but maybe that’s because I am running differently (building callouses on my feet)?? Only time will tell.

On Tuesday I went for a 4 mile run and it was okay. The last 1/2 mile or so I just took off my shoes and ran barefoot. It was fun, but I am not sold on running with no shoes. I wasn’t sore at all the next day from the barefoot event. I might try it again every now and then. But for now, I am going to run in my Frees.

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