Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I do Declare....

today as the day I start making strength training a priority. It has never been a priority of mine, as run, bike, swim always trumps strength training. If I get my swim, bike or run in I feel good about getting my workout in for the day, even if I didn’t get the strength training workout in. And if I “only strength train” for the day, I feel like I truly didn’t work out.

I think it’s never been a priority because there really isn’t a reward, a finish line, a goal when it comes to strength training. Body building would be the only “goal” and let’s face it, I am just not genetically built for body building (meaning this skinny body does NOT easily gain strength).

But there are many rewards for strength training -

1. Better Posture
2. Helps your bones
3. Helps build your strength for the swim, bike, run
4. Helps you as your grow older

Jonathan (my youngest) always points to the Wii Fit and grunts….and what i think he is saying is “quit drinking your coffee mommy and get off your butt and work on your non-strengthing !!!”. Although I know he really just wants to play with the Wii remote and board :)

Strength training is something I can do at home and around the kids. I can incorporate the kids in as I do my exercises. Parker loves to do push-ups, lunges, burpies with me. I could lift Jon up and do shoulder exercises… there are so many options. Also, I have a gym at work… i have the BoFlex weights at home. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. So, the question is, why don’t I do it??? Because it is not a priority.

And today I am making it a priority. I declare that I will strength train at least 20 mins 3X/week. That’s all I am asking from myself. This isn’t rocket science…this is just one extra hour a week that will help me for the rest of my life.

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