Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mental Adjustment

I decided I need a mental adjustment….a new attitude. Instead of thinking..ugh, I have to get up early in the morning, god it’s going to be so hard and I am soooo tired..I feel overwhelmed..blah,blah,blah – I am going to think..I am so lucky I am healthy enough to get up early in the morning..i am so lucky to have a supportive spouse..I am so lucky that I have the ability to run, swim, exercise. I am going to think about the peaceful morning I get to have….my alone time..the time that my family is safe and sound at home asleep. The human body was meant to move, it was not meant to sit at a desk 40 hours a week. I should relish the time that I have available to move and exercise.

I am also going to work out all the negative thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis. It seems that so much in life is mental…that we could accomplish so much more in life if we change our mental outlook. I really need to work on this and will start working on it this week.

I forgot to post last week’s workouts, so here are the last 2 weeks –

Week ending 2/21

Run – 16 miles in 2 hours 40 mins
Swim – 2500 yds in 1 hour
Strength Train – 1X in 30 mins

Total time – 4 hours 10 mins

Week ending 2/28

Run – 24 miles in 4 hours
Swim – 2500 yds in 1 hour
Strength train – 2X in 1 hour

Total time – 6 hours

As far as strength training..I only did it 2X last week, but 30 minutes each time. I had a fender bender this week and it threw my workout schedule a little off. I am a little disappointed, but I will strength train 3X this week. But, if I hadn’t made my declaration, I would have only lifted weights 1X last week….( note: that was a positive thought :) )

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