Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday's Run

Happy Valentines Day!!

I ended the week by doing my long run in the O’Neil Regional Park along the the Arroyo/Trabuco trail. It was quite an adventure…I had to cross creeks, saw a rattle snake and almost got hit by a mountain biker. I started off down Felipe and turned left on Oso. I found the trail off Oso then took the trail all the way up the canyon to Santa Margarita Parkway. It was a hard 8.8 miler, but I think my legs were also tired from the Half Marathon one week ago. I love trail running, but it is a lot harder than street running. I have a lot of trail running to do to get ready for the 50 miler. Luckily there are lots of trails around my house.

Also, my husband signed us up for the San Francisco Marathon on July 25th, 2010!! I can’t wait to finish a marathon with my husband. It has always been my dream to finish one with him. I know he is going to do a GREAT job:). Love you David.

I thought I would start posting my weekly workouts -

Week ending 2/14 -

Run – 20.13 miles in 3:20 hours
Swim – 4600 yards in 2 hours
Strength – 1 time for 30 mins.
Total time - 6 hours training

For next – need to prioritize strength training more for at lest 2X/week.

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