Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekly Schedule

I have put a weekly workout schedule together and I thought I would share it. It helps me to read other full-time working mom’s schedules…to get ideas and to know what other moms are doing to get their workouts in. So, I thought I would post what I have come up with. My goal is to complete a 50-miler in October or December (depends on when I feel ready – I really don’t want to not be prepared for a 50 mile race). I still have a goal to strength train 2-3X/week. That number will probably decrease as I get closer to the race. Also, the swimming might be replaced by running at some point.

Monday and Wednesday – 5 AM – 1 hour swim.

Tuesday and Thursday - 6 AM run. lunch - 30 mins strength training

Friday – (sleep in) – lunch – short run

Saturday – long run

Sunday – off – Family Time

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