Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Need Answers

Please could someone get me the answers to the following questions…..

1. Why did Darth Vadar go to the dark side?
2. Why does Darth Vadar wear a helmet? Why does Darth Vadar have no hair?
3. Why do the Storm Troppers wear white? and why do they carry guns? and why do they have helmets? and why are they on the dark side? and does Darth Vadar look after them? why do they have light sabres?
4. Who does Princess Lea look after? Is she on the dark side or good side?
5. Is Yoda on the good or dark side? why does Yoda carry a light sabre?

as I am thinking of the right answers to say to Parker, rather than making them up (I really can’t remember the story that well!!), I hear in the background…….mommy, please why? please tell me why? I need to know why? please mommy? MOMMMY, WHY???

My son is getting anxious for me to have the answers to all these questions…. Please, help me!!

I went swimming yesterday…expecting to have my own “lane” in the 25 yd dive pool as usual (I say “lane” because I am with the dregs of society – the slowww people – in the dive pool, where there are no lane lines, so I should write “area”). But, the coach wasn’t there yesterday. We all had to share 3 lanes in the 50 meter long course pool. I almost left…as I am so used to getting my own “area”. But me and my positive thoughts decided to stay. There were 6 other people in my lane and I was second to last. I really just swam for 50 minutes straight because every time I got to the wall, everyone was already swimming again. But it ended up not being that bad. The positive is I got a good workout in and I got to know some of the swimmers better. Positive thoughts…positive thoughts.

Ran 4.8 miles this morning and it felt good!! Can’t wait to run tomorrow. I love running..i like to swim and bike. But I love running :)

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