Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sometimes Life Just Happens

Last week a lot of life issues got in the way of me working out…and instead of fighting them I just let them happen. If you fight life issues and stress over them, it just makes matters worse. It’s one thing to miss a workout because of poor time management or just plain laziness. And another to miss because important life issues take place. Last week -

1. I was “on-call” for work issues weekdays from 5 pm to 8 am and all weekend long. This means all morning workouts were canceled.
2. Doctor’s appt to get scheduled for bone scan (osteopenia) and blood work (high cholesterol).
3. Get bone scan
4. Get blood work done
5. Take car in to get fixed (from fender bender a couple weeks ago).
6. Pick up car.
7. Brother visiting from out of town.
8. Dylan had 2 baseball games (Sat and Sun)

So, with all morning workouts canceled and lunch time taken with doctor’s appts and car pickups, workouts didn’t get done. But I did get a lot of other things done.

At lunch time today, I went out for some hill repeats. I warmed up for 2 miles and then did 4X hill repeats. The hill is .19 miles long –
1. 1:44
2. 1:47
3. 1:51
4. 2:00

But the time I finished the last hill repeat, I was tired. My legs were burning…it’s pretty hot out there today also. I wanted to do 6, but ended up with 4. Next Tuesday I want to do 5 repeats. That hill is steep!!!

Week ending 3/14

Run – 9 miles in 1:30
Swim – 2300 yds in 1 hour
Strength – 1X in 30 minutes

Total – 3 hours

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