Friday, July 16, 2010

8 days to San Francisco Marathon

My husband and I are in the final stretch….only 8 more days to go until the San Francisco Marathon. This will be my husband’s first marathon and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He wasn’t working out at all 6.5 months ago and now he is about to run a marathon. He has worked so hard and has missed only 1 training run (that was because his knee was hurting and I demanded he rest:)).

I can not wait to share something I love with someone I love.

And now that we are on the topic of the first marathon..I got to say I am jealous. Jealous that my husband gets to finish his first marathon. The best marathon/Ironman is the first one…the feeling one gets when they cross the finish line of their first is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. The pride and happiness that you feel knowing you worked hard at hard..and it paid off. You accomplished something because of your hard work, determination, motivation.

The San Francisco Marathon will be my first stand alone marathon in 9 years. My last marathon was San Diego Rock n’ Roll marathon in 2001 – 3:37:46. I will be no where near that time in this marathon (not even sure how I got that time), but someday soon I hope to be. I am so excited to run a marathon again…it is almost like this is my first…my first after getting married and having kids.

My first marathon was the Big Sur Marathon in…holy moly…1992? I was 19 I think. I was running some weekly mileage (no idea how much) and decided to run for 2 hours one day. So I ran from Isla Vista to Santa Barbara one day and loved it. I read somewhere, I think Runner’s World, that if you can run 1/2 marathon, then you can run a full. So, I signed up for Big Sur because there was an add for it in the magazine. I didn’t have a training plan, no gels, no knowledge of distance running at all. Just my damn stubbornness and determination.

And then one day when I was at my parent’s house, I over heard my mom talking to my aunt on the phone. She was saying I had signed up for this marathon, but no one really thought I could do it. What??????????? I think it was that comment right there that has created my love for the marathon. Maybe if I didn’t hear that comment I would not have done the marathon and would not have fallen in love with the distance. Who knows? But that comment motivated me more than you can imagine.

I completed it and I did it in 4:34 or 4:36. Can’t remember. But it was the BEST feeling to finish that marathon. Something that no one thought I would finish. I did it. And so started my love for endurance sports.

Anyone have stories about their first marathon? I’d love to hear them.

Good luck David! You are going to do great. I love you.

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