Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taper Week Blues

I got the Taper Week blues. I was actually really looking forward to the two weeks before the San Fran marathon because I would get to taper. I wouldn’t have to run around trying to get my workouts in. I could relax a little bit and go a bit slower – enjoy my family more.

But it seems to cause me more anxiety when I don’t run/exercise. I think that running provides me not only mental well-being but also chemical/hormone/endorfin – whatever the scientific chemical release is when you exercise – balance. I think running/exercising keeps me patient, relaxed, satisfied and more happy in general. I need the chemical rush that exercising gives me, especially from running for some reason.

Also, I have a lot of nervous energy that I need to use up and if I don’t get the outlet via exercise, I get antsy, nervous and can’t relax. Exercise just helps me all around.

So Taper week has been harder than trying to get all my exercise in on a weekly basis, I think. I know, the same sob story all us running addicts give…but I really didn’t think Taper Week(s) would affect me this much, as a full-time working mom. I thought I would enjoy the time more. I guess this experience has just taught me that I really do need exercise in my life and I am on the right path.

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  1. Tapering down has always been the hardest part of training for me. As many times as I've done it, i always 2nd guess myself. But, it always ends up working out. Hey, good luck running San Fran this weekend. That was my 2nd marathon ever in 1998 and it turned out to be one of my favorites. I even did the Nike Women's marathon in San Fran last year and it was nowhere near as good as the San Fran one.