Sunday, August 22, 2010

Feeling better and new goal

Feeling much better this week. I think I am over my sickness and I feel my motivation coming back. I compare my overall training to a chart that has a gradual upward slope with some downward spikes, but over all the training does get better.

I hit a downward spike last week...and I will hit more in the future, but that's part of it. I am a full-time working mom and I have other priorities other than training. Although my fitness does go up regardless of the downward spikes.

I am really going to work on trying to relax during the day though...I waste so much energy on unneeded stress. Something I plan on working on.

But onto the new goal - my husband and I are going to train for the Headlands 50 miler in July 2011. Somehow we would like to get some of the long runs done together...but how? when someone needs to stay and watch the kids - we're not sure. But that's part of the adventure. I plan on blogging about our adventure -including scheduling, products, training + kids, etc. I hope you come along for our adventure.

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