Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today I went biking for the first time in 8 months. I am a recreational runner, but I bike and run with a purpose - only when I am training for a triathlon. So, now that I am training for the OC triathlon, I went on a bike ride during my lunch hour .

I got on the bike and everything came back to me right away...I felt great. I was a pro...a seasoned pro I was thinking. People probably think I am a stud...getting on the bike after 8 months and biking like this...wow. I kept biking...biking up a big hill, feeling great.

I went to adjust my helmet...and OMG!

My freaking helmet was on backwards. Ego......deflated.

It did not look this bad (my son putting on his helmet for the first time) -

But it did look pretty bad....at the top of the hill I readjusted the helmet and biked home..ego totally deflated. I didn't realize how bad it probably looked until I saw the picture -

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  1. So funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...love your header pic of the kids in the stroller.