Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If you have a dream, why hasn't it come true yet?

"If you have a dream, why hasn't it come true yet?" - anonymous

For some reason, this is the quote that really motivated me to achieve my dreams - qualify for the Boston Marathon and complete an Ironman. I had wanted to do an Ironman since high school and qualify for the Boston Marathon since college, but something was stopping me....I never really thought that I could actually have my dreams come true - little 'ole nonathletic me just really couldn't achieve such feats.

Then, one day, I came across this quote and I asked myself, why haven't my dreams come true yet? And I knew that it was because I hadn't made them come true yet. I realized had complete control over my dreams. I realized that my dreams were doable and I knew deep down inside that I could complete them. And that day, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I turned my dreams into goals and then my goals into achievements.

Achieving my dreams has given me the confidence that I can do anything that I put my mind to and it has given me the confidence that I can complete a 50-mile training program as a full-time working mom. I just have to want to make my dream come true.

Week 3 Summary

Total Miles - 32.8 miles

# of days and time spent running - 5 days running, approx 5.5 hours. I did every run that I had planned this week!

Speed workout - Yes. Ran on the sidewalk that goes around the local park. The loop is .35 miles. It was drizzling in the morning so the sidewalk was really wet and slippery. Id like to think that's why my time are so much slower this week than last week :). But I think it is because I just didn't push myself
1.05 miles - 7:44 (7:23/mile)
.70 miles - 5:23 (7:40/mile)
.70 miles - 5:23 (7:40/mile)

Longest run - 11 miles. My legs felt really tired during the run and my pace was a slow 10:08. But I believe it is good to train on tired legs??

Cross training - weight training 2X.

How I felt -
My legs have been feeling really tired this week. I think it is because I really pushed myself in my "track workout".

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