Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 8 Update

22 more weeks to go...that seems so far off, yet right around the corner. I have so many miles to run before then. Started to get a sore throat on Sunday after my long run. My youngest is sick, so probably got his cold. Ugh. I think I am going to just ignore that the best answer? Probably not. This was the one part about training I was worried about...catching my kid's sicknesses - and here we go right into flu season. I try my best not to catch their cold, but almost 90% of the time, somehow I catch it.

On a side note - I would love to get some biking/swimming in...I might delay my PMP exam until next summer and this would give me some more bandwidth. I think some cross training would really help me out.

Week 8

Total Miles - 34 miles

# of days - 5 days running

Speed workout - Yes. Total - 5.2 miles
3 X 1.05 miles
7:36, (7:16/mile)

Longest run - 12

Cross training - Yes, Strength Training 2X (Monday and Wednesday)

How I felt -
Week #8 was a good week. My legs felt good, I felt refreshed and ready to run. I am very happy to say I got every planned workout done. I get very happy when that happens. Almost as happy as Elmo and Ironman when they knew they were going to get TONS of candy!!!!

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