Monday, November 15, 2010

Week #9 Update and Mission Inn Half Marathon Race Report

Week #9 did not start great, and didn't really end great, but the middle was pretty good :). Sunday night I started to get a sore throat - my two year old had a cold and I had caught it. I did not run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and I thought I was going to have another low mileage week. I had planned on running Wednesday morning, but I didn't even hear my alarm go off (I must have turned it off when I was half asleep???).

But Thursday I was feeling better and I deployed a back up plan - I was going to get all the planned 36 miles in the 4 days I had left. That meant -

Thursday - 8
Friday - 8
Saturday - 7
Sunday - 13.1 (@ Mission Inn Half Marathon)

And I did it! I woke up at 5 AM everyday and got all 36 miles in in 4 days. This means week #10 I can move up to my planned 39 miles. Woo Hoo!

As for the Mission Inn Half Marathon - my husband and I planned on running this one together and we were so excited! Two hours to ourselves with no kids sounded so good.
We started off at about a 8:30 pace and were feeling really, really good. And then at mile 3 - BAM!!- my husband fell, and fell pretty hard. He tried to stop himself, but he was going too fast. He had forward momentum because he had tried to stop himself, so the road was like a cheese grater on his body- his hand, hip, and knee were cut pretty bad. But he got up from that fall faster than anything I've ever seen and was running again. He was such a trooper. Here is a picture of his hand:

But the fall really hurt his knee and he was unable to keep up the pace we were doing before. And I didn't want to leave my poor husband and he was NOT GOING TO QUIT. So we took the next 10 miles at a slower pace and finished at about 2:07. We were hoping for a 1:53 or so.

But I did learn something during this race - how slow I am really going to need to go for the AR 50 and that at a certain pace, I feel I could go forever. We started running a 10:30 pace in the half and at that pace, I felt I could finish 50. I also realized how much speed I am probably going to lose training for the 50.

Overall, I really like the race and will do it again next year. There was a pretty bad headwind for a few miles, but other than that, it was very organized and a nice course.

Week 9

Total Miles - 36 miles

# of days - 4 days running

Speed workout -No

Longest run - 13.1

Cross training - No

How I felt -
Was sick this week, so not too well. But I felt great starting Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for sticking with me! I know it was tough for you to run slow but really appreciated the company as well as the motivation.