Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last couple of weeks

I decided to do a weekly count down to Ironman – so 42 weeks to go until Ironman Arizona (well 41 and 2 days).  I would like to post each Sunday or Monday of this journey to review the week. For some reason, on the bad weeks, I just don’t feel like posting, like I let someone down.  So I don’t post – and I have had a couple of bad weeks. But I feel I should post the bad with the good.  So here is a summary of my last couple of weeks.

- On Friday, January 13th, I woke up with a foot cramp. This cramp caused me to limp around until Tuesday, where it finally went away.  So no, I did not get my planned run in that weekend.  Luckily, I believe it is gone. I feel a little bit in my arch, but I am still going to run.  My right foot has been giving me problems though, so I definitely need to monitor how it feels.

- Later that day, I found out there as a death in my family. I hopped on the next plane to Arkansas go be with them and attend the funeral.  It was very emotional and sad experience. It just isn’t fair when such nice, honorable, hardworking individual has to die.

- On Tuesday, Jan 17th, when I arrived home from the funeral, I was exhausted…mentally exhausted.  And I also had a cold.  By Thursday, I was really sick…couldn’t move sick.  So I missed my workouts..again.

- By Sunday, I was running again.  I. ran. 3. miles.  I was supposed to run 10 that day.  But that’s all my body gave me that day.

- On Monday, I felt good…I felt like myself again. My motivation was back.  I went swimming Monday morning and planned my workouts for the week.
Then the fall………..the fall on my butt…..the butt that just got better about 2 weeks ago.
I want you to imagine the fall being one when I was running, running fast and working hard, but then I noticed a child crossing the street and I fell to the ground while saving this young child from crossing the street.
But…no, I fell from my foam roller while I was on the phone talking to a co-worker. For some reason I was standing on it while I was talking and it slipped out from under me. How. Embarrassing. I can’t imagine what it sounded like to my co-worker when I fell…..

So, my butt didn’t get that damaged, just a bit sore.   Just a bit sore because my wrist took all the impact.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday and it looks like I have a hairline fracture.  So, no swimming for me for the next couple of weeks.  I also missed my workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But today is Thursday and looking better. I ran this morning and felt good.  My wrist is feeling better. I am back…………right?

All I know is, my son “Loves me because he loves me”.  And that’s all that counts :)

Until Sunday….and yes, I will post..the good and the bad.

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  1. LOVE your son's sign...that is a keeper :-) I'm sorry you have had such a lousy week, but I like your optimism. If it makes you feel any better I don't start training until Monday...I am still theoretically in the off season (although I'm not sure that means eating 3 times my own body weight in chocolate) whatever training you have done so far is more than me. And just to let you know my heart skipped a beat or 2 when I read the first line of your post...41 weeks left. Eeeks I better start training!