Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 40 Recap

Week 40 went pretty well, although the wrist is not completely healed yet.  I haven’t done any strength training since my fall and I am starting to miss it.  I should at least be doing core and legs (still can’t do upper body strength), but I haven’t yet.  Will start this week….I promised myself.  I was thinking of doing P90X core video this week.

Also, my tech guy (yes, my wonderful techy husband :) ), has got me set up on a GPS and heart rate monitor. I will be using the Garmin 310XT watch which has the option for a heart rate monitor (the strap is in the mail!!!).  Once I get my strap, I plan on doing my Lactate Threshold and Max Heart Rate tests.

I want a treadmill really bad.
My husband and I are thinking of setting up a gym in our garage – weights, treadmill, bench, trainer.  How great would that be…there would be no excuse for not working out on something.  We have everything but the treadmill and the bench.  We are still deciding what we want to do…but something for us to consider.

Here is my summary for the week:

MondayREST DAY.  The “Be Iron Fit” plan has rest days on Monday, which actually works well for me.  So, for now, I will rest on Monday.

Tuesday5:30 AM – Swim – 2150 yds in ~ 50 mins.
My wrist does not hurt when I swim, so I have been swimming.  Although it is not healed and I am getting a little worried if I am doing the right thing by swimming.  I can’t lift heavy things and I do feel it when I am doing chores around the house.  But I don’t believe it is making it worse by swimming (???).
5:30 PM – Run!!  4.5 miles (didn’t bring watch so not sure how long).
I haven’t done a weekday evening run in ages.  My husband agreed to do dinners once a week so I can get an evening workout in.  Thank you!   When I left the house for my run I had a huge smile on my face.  It was so much fun to run in the evening.

Wednesday - Transition day – 30 min bike on trainer and then 20 min run.
I started doing transitions every Wednesday – this is what Be Iron Fit plan has, so I decided to start it now.  It is something I have never really incorporated into my training, but I like dong the transitions.

Thursday5:30 AM – Swim – 2150 yds in ~ 50 mins.
I started not feeling too well on Thursday.  I think I was really tired, but I felt like I was on the edge of getting sick.  So, Thursday night I decided not to wake up early on Friday morning.

Friday  – REST day – I should have ran this day, but took it safe by not working out. Felt much better on Friday and I am glad I “slept in” (until 6:15 instead of 5 AM!).

Saturday – 5:30 AM – 30 min bike on trainer and then 5 mile run in 47:32.
I felt bad about missing Friday workout, so I got up early on Saturday and got a transition in.

Sunday – 5 mile run

Goals for this week is to incorporate core and leg training.

Goals for next week – need to bike outside!!!  All my bike training has been on the trainer and I am itching to bike outside.

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  1. I know they get a bad rap and lots of people call it the dreadmill but I have one and it has totally saved me so many times. It has meant the difference between getting a run in or missing a workout completely. Especially with allows me to do my workout and still be here if they need me. I totally <3 my treadmill and would be lost without it.