Thursday, March 22, 2012


And just when I had all my workouts planned  - time, location, etc.....EVERYTHING CHANGED. 

Yes, I do not deal with changes very well and I am a baby about it.  But my work schedule changed and I have to support clients in both Europe and Asia Pacific.  So that means really early morning 5:00 AM calls (during my early morning workout time!!).  I have had to rearrange my entire workout schedule.  I really love getting up early and getting at least one of my workouts done. There are so many things that come up during the day that it's always a possibility I won't be able to work out (like Tuesday when I had meetings get scheduled all day long).  And that stresses me out.

But, I need to think positively about this.  I have blocked off time during my workout schedule to workout after I drop off the kids, so 8:30 AM.  This gives me the opportunity to run during the day (trail running!), go to spin classes at the gym, get a tan while swimming.  Positive thoughts, right?  Also, I am very lucky to even have a job right now, so who am I to complain?

Like my husband said, there will be obstacles along the way...I need to learn how to deal with them.  And that I am.  But a girl needs to vent every now and then!


  1. Well done adapting to the new schedule. I'm such a creature of habit and find it so hard to change especially when I feel everything is working well and I am fitting it all in.

  2. This made me laugh. Story of my life since having kids. As soon as I got used to 3 naps a day - it changed to two. Then I adjusted to two, and it changed again. Things are constantly in flux. I'm still not good at it, but I can totally relate to your experience. Sounds like a promotion though... congrats?