Friday, March 23, 2012

My very warm 2600 yd”ish” swim

First of all, out of curiosity, I asked the Life Guard if the lane distances are in yards or meters.  The answer I got was, 25 yard"ish" and all the lanes are different - some are longer and some are shorter.  hmmmm. ok, thanks -not the specific and exact answer I was looking for...but ok.  So, all my measurements will be yard"ish" from now on.

* Swimming at 8:30 AM at the Y is a bit different than swimming at 5:30 AM:

5:30 AM -Nice and quiet, usually only 1-4 people there.   I always get a lane to myself and everyone is pretty much doing their own thing. On Wednesday's I am usually the only one there - me and the Life Guard.

8:30 AM - I get there and no one is there..Great I thought, a lane to myself.  I comment on the lack of people to the Life Guard.

Me - "Not many people here at this time"

Life Guard - "Yes, but Water Aerobics starts in about 15 mins.  You should swim in that lane (pointing to furthest lane)".

Me - " Ah, ok sure"

And then I get into the water...the warm bathtub water. Yikes, I think - this is pretty warm.    I start to swim, already feeling pretty suffocated in the really warm water.

One by One the ladies are showing up for the class.  And about 8:45, the water starts to get a bit wavy.  I start to smell different smells - someone has some really strong perfume on!!

And then at around 9:00 AM, when the class starts, it gets really wavy - I feel like I am swimming in open water!  And still smelling different smells - some of them not so great :(.

But all in all, I had a great 8:30 AM swim - I got in one full hour  (2600 yard"ish) because I didn't have to rush home to get the kids ready for school.  And I still got my own lane :).  I am just going to have to get used to the differences.

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