Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ironman 2012 Finish has been postponed

During my year of Ironman training (Oct 2012 - Oct 2013), I went through a lot of ups and downs.  But I kept going...through all the falls, through all the work conflicts, through all the long work hours, I persevered.  I scheduled my workouts throughout the day and did them.  I got up 4 or 5 AM to make sure I got my workouts in during the day -  on weekdays and weekends.  I proved to myself that a full-time working mom (with spousal support) can get the training in to complete an Ironman distance triathlon.  I went through one year of training and through many things that could have made me quit:

December - I fell ice skating and bruised by tailbone - ouch!!! - couldn't run for 3 weeks.

Feb - I fell in my house and sprained my wrist - ouch!!! - couldn't swim for 3 weeks.

March - My work schedule completely changed - unable to do workouts in the morning.  I had to rearrange all my workouts.

May/June  - I was assigned to a new project at work and started working 60 hr/weeks for the next 8 weeks or so.  My days were long - 5 AM to 9 PM at night.  I scheduled workouts throughout the day to make sure I got them in.  This also made me take a break during the day and step away from my work.

August - I stubbed my toe on the wall chasing my son.  yet again - Ouch!!!  That one hurt really bad - I knew when it happened it wasn't a normal stub, but worse.
Turns out I fractured my toe - spiral fracture.  I was unable to run for 7 weeks.  I kept swimming and biking though, even right after it happened.  I did 60 mins on trainer the next day and boy did that hurt.  It took me 4 days to go to doctor to get X-ray - I think I was in denial.

It was the Broken Toe that finally made me withdraw from the Ironman.  After 7 weeks without being able to run, I decided that I could not comfortably finish the Ironman.  Most people are doing 18/20 miles right now...and I am doing 3-5 miles as I build my running base back up.  

I did keep biking/swimming/strength training during those 7 weeks.  I did the same number of weekly hours as planned, just lots and lots of biking.  I did a 64 mile bike ride with the broken toe.  It was my right toe and I usually clip in and out with my right leg.  It hurt too bad to clip in and out with my right foot, so I used my left foot to clip in and out.  This was kind of awkward, but I did it.  I was very proud of myself.   My right foot was numb during the entire ride because the shoe was too tight due to swollen toe.

On Oct 1st I was able to finally run 3 miles - 3 slow miles and the toe didn't hurt, although the foot didn't feel quite normal yet.  I couldn't image running 26 miles.  The cutoff date to get a refund was Oct 3rd.  In retrospect, maybe I should not have withdrawn.  Maybe I should have done it?  But I knew the last 23 miles would have been the Ironman Shuffle.....I don't know - it was a tough decision.

So, now I have a new goal - Full Vineman 2013!

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  1. I'm so sorry that you had to make the decision. I think you did the right thing. Going into an IM knowing that the marathon will be a sufferfest is not fun at all. Better to put it off until you can properly train for the run. I think crossing the line at Vineman will be a very sweet victory for you.