Thursday, October 11, 2012

OC Tri Race Report

OC Tri - Olympic Distance

This race took place on May 19th, 2012.  I am really late on the race report :).  I also need to write one on the OrangeMan AquaMan (coming soon).

I got to admit, I was really nervous and under prepared (logistics wise) for this race.  They day before the race I was buying a bike jersey and water bottle for race day.  These races just sneak up on me...I am so busy with the day to day stuff, I tend to not think that far ahead!


It had been a few years since I had done a triathlon, so I was nervous.  I rode my bike down to the start at 5 AM and set up my transition area.

Me before I biked down to start

I didn't know anyone doing the race, so really didn't have someone to talk to or hang out with.
This is a local race and the start is literally down the street from me.  There is really no reason why I can't do this race every year!

As it got closer to the start time, there were people getting in the water to warm up.  I usually don't warm up in the water before my races and I didn't this time.  Lesson Learned:  I should have warmed up in the water.


I ran out as usual and started to swim.  But something was different this time - I couldn't breathe.  I started to have, what I call, a panic attack. I couldn't catch my breath. I stopped swimming and started to tread water as I saw everyone swim away.  I did a breast stroke type swim for a little while and thought about quitting the race. 
This had NEVER happened to me before.  I had done 1 sprint, 1 half Ironman and 2 Ironman races before this (albeiet 10+ years ago), but this was new to me.
Finally, I slowly started swimming again and was able to breath.  As I kept swimming and getting into a rhythm, the problem went away.  But that was a scarey experience, something I am still dealing with and need to understand why it is happening.

My time was not good, but I am proud for finishing after my episode.

Time: 37:16

T1: not recorded, I have no idea - they had some timing issues and my times were some of the ones that were corrupted.

Me at T1
As I was going to my bike, I saw my husband and kids!!  It felt so good to see them made some of my nerves go away.  I wasn't sure if they were going to make the whole race, so it was so good to see them at T1.  I kept yelling "I did it!  I did it!" to them.  Of course, they didn't know about the attack in the water...they probably thought I was crazy.

My kids waiting for me.


The bike course is a course I ride all the time.  So it was familiar.  I am a slow biker. Period.  I am not sure why, but I can't ride fast on flats, rolling hills, downhills.  I do really well on climbs and I love to climb.  But other than that... I suck. Not sure how to get faster.

But the bike is a nice hilly bike ride.  I got something in my eye and had to pull over.  Also, my chain came off when I switched gears too fast - had to pull over to fix that issue.  Other than that the bike was fun!

Time: 1:38:XX - this time was not recorded either. 

T2:  not recorded.

Loved the Run!  It was hilly and I was in my element.  I train on hills...I love running hills.  I was passing people and felt good.  There are some pretty steep hills on this run and you run on a combination of bike trails/trails/street.    As I came to the finish, I saw my husband and kids again and gave them high 5s.  So cool to see them at the finish :). 
They love eating "marathon" food as they call it
Time: 51:32

Overall:  3:07:16.9
The finish area is a great area.  Lots of room. Lots of stuff for the kids to do (playgroud, sand, water, etc).  I would highly recommend this race (train on hills!).

Next year my goal is to go under 3 hours.  I feel that is really doable consider the panic attack and having to stop twice on the bike.  Also, next year I will not be as nervous :)
My boys

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