Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 5 and 6 of Ironman Training - and doubts about this adventure

Week 5 went really well.  I made all but one workout - a strength training workout.  But 6 and 7 are really not going well at all.

Week 5
Mon - 
Swim - 1650 yds.
Bike - 35 mins
15 mins pull ups and push ups
Tues - 60 min run (3 X1 mile repeats)
Wed -
Bike - 45 mins
Swim - 45 mins - 2200 yds
Thurs - Unintentional REST (work got in the way)
Friday - 62 min run - FARTLEK
I was exhausted on Friday.  I really don't think I realized how fast I ran until the end of the day.  My legs were exhausted.  I must have gone a bit too fast.
Sat - 60 min trainer ride
Sun - 11 mile run 

I should NOT have done the Sunday run.  My legs and body were just too tired and I did not listen to my body. Everything went downhill after that run.  On my Sunday long run of the 5th week, my knee started to hurt.  It felt like a bruise, so I had **hoped..prayed** that it was because I hit my knee.  I didn't run for 5 days in week 6, but that Saturday I decided to do 5 mile run.  My knee was not hurting anymore and I assumed it was better.  Around mile 2 it started burning and I knew something was wrong.  I finished the 5 miler because I was already almost 2.5 miles out.

I tried the trainer the next day and although the pain wasn't bad at all, I knew it probably wasn't good for my knee.  So I quit after 30 minutes (should have been 90 min ride).  

I have self diagnosed my knee pain as Quadriceps Tendentious. Pretty bummed right now. I have had so many injuries that has derailed my training ever since I signed up for IM Arizona in Nov 2011 - bruised tailbone, fractured wrist, broken toe, and now injured knee. Calling it the Ironman Curse and thinking maybe I was not meant to do another one.....

My motivation is at a low and not sure how to get it back.

Here is my training for Week 6 -

Monday - REST
Tues- 25 min pull-ups and push-ups
Wed - 
35 min bike
35 min swim
Thurs - 45 bike
Fri - 47 bike
Sat - 5 mile run
Sun - 30 min trainer

This week I have not worked out yet - we are getting carpet and work is so busy right now. It is so hard to fit my workouts in with all these 6 AM calls.  I NEED to get back into it.  Maybe a week off would help...but I am started to freak out.

It's funny, all this pressure to do these long-distance events is all on myself.  No one else cares in the world whether or not I do one.  In fact, it would probably make my family happy if I didn't.  Why or why do I desire to do these long-distance events. Maybe that is something I need to figure out.

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