Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Outdoor Ride and Week 18

Today I did my first outdoor ride of the season!

Yesterday I was a bit nervous for the ride, but everything worked out great :).  The kids left for Walnut Creek with my parents yesterday, so instead of getting a pedicure and drinking margaritas, I got ready for my bike ride today.  I got new tires on my bike (trainer has made my back tire really smooth and flat - thought it was time to get some new tires).  Also, got all my food/clothes ready.

Honestly, I was a bit nervous.  A cyclist was just killed on the bike route I do every time I ride.  And I think that always messes with your head.   They aren't exactly sure what happened yet - but he was riding in the bike lane doing the right thing.  A car just hit him somehow - I think it's being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I stopped at his memorial on the way home (and rode on the sidewalk for that stretch of the rode).  Eric Billings was his name - RIP.

I went about 51.48 miles total - the first half being flat/slightly downhill - towards the ocean.  And the second half a climb with some pretty good hills.  I surprised myself at how well I felt the whole ride.  Here is me at mile 44 (yes, dork, i know):

Here is my view at mile 44:

After my ride, I did a 15 minute run through the neighborhood.  Legs felt heavy and I went slow.  I am already above the 10% rule in milage this week (really don't want to get injured)!

My sons will be gone this week and we'll be driving up north to Walnut Creek on Friday to get them.  I am hoping to get a lot of training done this week - and other stuff done also.  But I miss them:

Here are my workouts for Week 18:

Monday - 45 min trainer ride followed by 15 min transition run
                 61 min swim - 2700 yds

Tuesday - 45 min strength (P90X Chest & Back)
                 54 min run

Wednesday - 1 hour trainer ride with 3 X 5 min hard
                      37 min swim

Thursday - 7 mile run
                   Opps!  Was supposed to do 30 min strength session - but watched Law & Order SVU instead.....

Friday - 75 min run (8.07 miles)

Saturday - REST

Sunday - 3 hour 40 min ride outside
               15 min transition run

Total - 11 hours and 30 mins of training this week!!!

Only missed one workout - strength training and 23 mins of my swim workout on Wednesday (because I forgot all my stuff!!)


  1. Great you got outside!! I'm always scared to ride on the road.

    1. Thank you! Yes, scarey out there - but a long ride is rewarding :)