Friday, April 5, 2013

Full Vineman Training - Week 16 (Mar 18- 24) and 17 (Mar 25th to Mar 31)

Oh my goodness, I am a blog slacker.

I am still training for full Vineman in July, although Jan and Feb was touch and go in terms of training.

On Jan 6th, my knee started hurting on an 11 mile run.  I knew I should have not run that day - my body and mind were exhausted.  But I pushed through it because I wanted a good time at Napa Marathon and sure enough ....injury. My knee felt like I had bruise on the anterior top of my knee cap and under the knee cap.  There was also a burning feeling under my knee cap.  I stopped running for 5 days thinking it would go away.  It did not.  In Jan/Feb I could run up to about 2.5 files before it would start hurting.  I finally went to the doctor and he told me "Patella Chondromalacia".  Yikes - Sounded horrible.  The Doc thought I just inflamed something under my kneecap and it just needed time to heal.  So he told me to keep cross training, but only run 1 mile below the point that it started hurting.   and run on flat.

I knew the Napa Valley Marathon was out.  My husband and I went anyway - dropped our kids off at my parents.  Of course my older son ended up in ER because he ate a whole jalapeno!!  I guess it didn't agree with him. We drove to the ER (only 30 mins away in Walnut Creek) to be with him:

He was feeling so bad here....

At the ER - Poor guy, he felt so bad - at this point he is feeling better.  I am exhausted in this pic - it's about 2 AM.

Around the beginning of March,I was able to run further.  This morning I was able to run 8.07 miles and didn't feel my knee - although I think if I had gone further or faster it might have flared up again.

I also dealt with the following in Feb:

1) Bad Sinus Infection - unable to work out for 10 days.

2) I think I had a broken pinkie toe - it hurt pretty bad for about 6 weeks - but I was still able to run/bike/swim, so I didn't do anything about it.  I just wasn't able to wear certain shoes.

3) I irritated my eye really bad looking for a ripped contact - and had to go to the eye doctor a couple times.  It is still not normal, but I am hoping it will get back to normal soon.

So, with all these things happening all at once, I was having some serious doubts if the Vineman was doable.

March has been a good month and I have done almost all of my planned workouts and feel that Vineman is doable again.

Also, on March 2nd, my big project went live, so no more 6 AM meetings everyday!!!  I had 6 AM meetings everyday for about 3.5 months (minus the holidays).  It really got in the way of my morning workouts.  Now that those are over, it is easier to get workouts in.  I am hoping work stays this way though June - my new project is not as intense or time consuming - so here's to hoping :).

Also, here is a look at my training for the last couple of weeks:

Week 16 (Mar 18- 24) -
Monday - 1 hour swim - 2750 yards
Tuesday - 5.47 mile run and P90X Chest and Back
Wednesday - 1 hour trainer ride and 53 min swim
Thursday - 7 mile run and P90X Legs & Back
Friday - REST
Saturday - 2 hour trainer ride
Sunday - 6.64 mile run

Week 17 (Mar 25th to Mar 31) -
Monday - 45 min trainer ride w/ 15 min transition run.  54 min swim - 2450 yds
Tuesday - 4.9 mile run and P90X Chest and Back
Wednesday - 1 hour trainer ride and 60 min swim (2700)
Thursday - 4.9 mile run and  1/2P90X Legs & Back
Friday - REST (was supposed to do 3 hour ride - but too tired)
Saturday - 6 mile run
Sunday - REST - Easter!

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